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LD12986 ...
DH has no authority to call a ballot. This rests with Unite. The slightest hint of any unofficial action will be shot down immediately by Unite.
Indeed, and I thought I made the distinction between BASSA and Unite perfectly clear in that respect. Whether the result of this vote is actually 'official' may, of course, be tested again in the Courts.

My question is when, and how, Unite's leadership does something about the BASSA 'loose cannon' ... failing so to do just undermines the entire concept of a decent Trades Union environment.

Is Unite really content to allow this farce to continue, driven by DH and 'others'?
If they are content to sit idly by, it speaks volumes about what Trades Unions may have again become ... a mechanism for dislodging an elected Government, or wrecking Companies from self-interest.
If not, they should DO something.

This has gone too far, and for too long, under the most tenuous of circumstances.
Unite should be working to resolve this [for a change] by forcing, at the very least, proper electoral processes within BASSA ... and entering into adult, responsible discussions with BA [if necessary over the heads of BASSA, even if that is regarded as "imposition"]
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