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Mr Tebbitt's comments at the end really made me think and one conclusion it that he would be seen as a moderate today. The battles and challenges are no more than history now, but some of the legislation of that time were probably a good thing, but because of the polarised view and agendas of either side, no happy median could be found.

I am not and will probably never be a gold card holding First flying exec, so I will see things differently to most on this thread, but why would anyone want to work in a pit either?

This dispute is not about pit working, it is about redistribution of wealth. Do you need to pay a crew member any more than what the new hat wearing crew are on? Do you need a Mercedes or a Mondeo in the cabin? Only time will tell if BA will loose or gain customers because of its cabin crew.

No doubt there are a few on here who spend more in travel each year, than I get paid in a wage and I am in the top 10% so generally I will be in the minority, but it is still an interesting debate.
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