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Originally Posted by MPN11 View Post
Phewww ...

First, thanks to TightSlot for letting things run on. I do appreciate that.

Next, this is supposed to be an SLF Thread about the strike ... "Your Thoughts and Questions". Whilst I fully understand that the 'inner workings' of BASSA are germane, it would be nice to see some broader discussion on how the dispute [or whatever you call it] affects the SLF. Isn't that what this Thread's supposed to be about?

Such as, for starters, I'm forward booked all the way to October, and I don't give a sh 1t? Who else is ignoring, or otherwise, the MONSTER THREAT that is BASSA? Are they having any impact on BA? Do the SLF care one iota?

Do we have to spend our entire time micro-managing the inner workings of BASSA? That's where I, and I suspect TightSlot , have got bored with this. Until BASSA, or BA, or the High Court, have something to say of substance ... or individual PPRuNe members have something really relevant to say ...
can't we all just chill a bit?
Perfectly reasonable, except, that according to yourself and many others on here, it's not affecting them at all.
|I don't see why other aspects cannot be discussed if connected with the dispute during the lull. If people don't want to join in the discussion they are at liberty to either ignore it or move it politely into the direction they wish it go.
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