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@ Litebulbs

The only way this can be changed is will be a 9000 yes vote with a massive walkout. Does anybody think that this will happen?
Second answer first. No.

First part - if it happens there will be 9,000 redundancies and re-offered jobs under different T&C's, not a surrender by BA, as may be implied.

Even 9,000 strikers voting would not result in a change in BA as to do so, would be industrial suicide. Sacking 9,000 would be horrendous, but not as horrendous as the subsequent collapse of the airline when investors and managers realise it is being run for the benefit of the cabin crew and not those who actually own and fund the company.

That would make an interesting case study - given the relative ease by which a company can fold, and recreate itself under new management etc, could BA return to its one vaunted 'worlds favourite airline' status, by restructuring during a recession when its much easier to be brutal?
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