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Juan Tugoh
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There is a certainly a boil that needs to be lanced here. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the various issues at play, this corrosive dispute needs to be brought to an end. Someone needs to win this dispute so it can be put to bed and allow everyone to move on.

To that end perhaps the best thing would be a good old fashioned strike - not a 12 day or several 5 day "optional" strikes. Those who genuinely believe should have the courage of their convictions and get on with it. The support they need to win the strike will either materialise or not, but at least we would all know where we stood. This wishy-washy phoney-war period helps no-one, the strikers are no farther forward and BA is still suffering from the damage caused by the threat of IA. It is easy for the militants to prolong the dispute if all they are risking is a few days pay. Time for action!
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