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The only way this can be changed is will be a 9000 yes vote with a massive walkout. Does anybody think that this will happen?
NOOOOOOOOO Way. There will be a massive yes vote - 5500 ish but a massive walkout. No. If DH goes nuclear and goes for a 2 month all out, I believe no more than 2000ish will support him. I also think DH will go for a strike depite telling everyone last month he wouldn't. Easter and Will and Kate's big day out are too much temptation for him to resist.
What is interesting is that Unite seem at last to have got their figures right as 4 crew who I know who got a ballot form in Jan despite leaving months before, have this time not got one. ( However Unite do still send me annoying text messages - I've just got another right now!!)

Sadly I believe and hope there is another strike and a long one at that. Reason being is that IMO its the ONLY way this dispute is going to end, one way or the other.
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