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Logbook spreadsheet

Afternoon all,

Made a little spreadsheet for logging hours and thought I'd share it. I got fed up of sheets not doing exactly what I wanted them to do so I built this up. Only trouble is, I don't have enough hours to test it to destruction! PM me and I'll email copies out if anyone wants them.

I have a feeling that when the sheet has a few hours inserted the file size will bloat and it will perform very slowly on logging entries. Any feedback on it would be greatly appreciated and if you can make it perform faster or offer an alternative it'd be even better.

I think an Access database might be more suitable but I don't have the time or the knowhow to do one. The sheet isn't quite finished yet either (As when I started noticing a slowdown I didn't see the point in finishing it until it's been tested). Hopefully when it is done it'll be a nice free alternative to all the payware out there and it'll have the advantage of being mouldable to every pilot's needs. The screenshot is purposely crap resolution as it has my actual flying hours in it to show the appearance.

Features are as follows:

- Licence/Medical/Ratings status (NOT FINISHED)
- Full flight logging sheet as per standard log books
- Chart validity reminders/status indicators
- 90-day rule currency check
- Graphical display of hours flown in previous 12 months
- Automatic summing up of total hours
- Interesting statistics automatically calculated such as first solo hours, total landings, total aerodromes visited, different aircraft flown, most commonly flown aircraft, most commonly visited aerodrome etc.
- Queries for total hours between given dates (Table format, can also be calculated for specific aircraft registration)
- Aircraft log with count of hours logged and landings performed on each individual aircraft
- Aerodrome log with ICAO code entry and count of total landings there

I'd like to finish the Licence/Ratings/Medicals page so that reminders are given and automatic counts determine what is required to revalidate (i.e. test/4.3 hours P1/1 hour bi-annual etc etc.) and another feature would be to use macros to automatically set the print areas to make it all more print friendly. Maybe some macro buttons too.

As I said, I'm too tight to pay for any software and there doesn't seem to be many free options out there that cater for all of the above.

Cheers for reading and apologies if it takes me a long while to respond to PMs, I'm going away for the weekend.

View image: Logger

Edit: Seeing as I'm going away I thought I'd be better off adding a download link. -

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