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It all depends on your perspective of the time doesn't it ? I'm sure that in all time periods of yesteryear, the having of enough wealth allowed one to experience life differently than say some factory worker doing 6 days a week to keep their family in food and clothing. Although today's innovations have 'lifted' the quality of life dramatically in all ways, there has, IMHO been a massive degradation of quality in being.

Back in the day (choose period) the people could for the most part be true to their nature, in that they generally walked a lot, ate moderately, talked and entertained themselves in a participatory way and kept geographically close to family and friends enabling healthy continuing relationships to prosper. The kids could expend all the energy they wanted (especially boys) by tearing around, as Mr Draper attested to, unencumbered by the threat of real or perceived miscreants etc. I guess what i mean is that although we've never been more connected in the history of mankind, we've never been more disjointed and disconnected in reality.

We are simple creatures, capable of complex thought, but simple nonetheless and i think that these harkings towards 'rose tinted' times of the past are a recognition that the way life was more simple and perhaps more satisfying than today's ADHD million miles an hour lifestyle.

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