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No there really was! Some of them, well many of them, were gentlemen; some were just bloody impossible! I speak with feeling (and the need to drop in to my 'swerve-left' on the way home for some 'relaxing fluid' served by the pint) That's not wine, S, I wish.....but UK driving laws and all that......

We had some fantastic times on occasion (TRC in Klagenfurt, turbine doing the rural route of Austria via Stuttgart, for instance) AND, BTW, noting the reactions of the late Giles Villeneuve as an F1 driver, when he fired up a 206 with the throttle open - and cut it before things got exciting. And then apologised in both French and English; something about 'Sacre bleu, zis damned Italian machine - like the Ferrari - very unpredictable!'

I'm very much looking forward to the (drunken) reminiscing session with TRC, as promised by Savioa _
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