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TRC: What an excellent idea - bravo! I shall PM you and VFR prior to my next visit and we can agree a location from where we might imbibe and reminisce!

VFR: 'Sconto quantità' doesn't automatically apply unless of course one buys considerable amounts. However, I have found that if one is well acquainted with the vineyard owner's daughter that access to selected stocks (the better wines) is made considerably easier!

Vino Nobile; not bad and there are now several respectable Montepulciano's chief among which (in my view) are those produced by Emidio Pepe's vineyard in Abruzzo and who creates a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo which is probably the best in Italy! (I shall bring some examples for you to appraise).

If you truly appreciate 'Vino d'Italia' and if you enjoy unique flavours then look out for 'Barbaresco' and I have to say that I have been a 'Chianti' fanatic all my life. As a young boy, when I would visit my father on the outskirts of Milano during term breaks from boarding school in the UK, he would always serve me with Chianti mixed with water and from where I acquired the taste. As an accompaniment to duck I think it is unbeatable and I have found that with my favourite British dish (pheasant) a Chianti from the Colli Fiorentini region is a match made in heaven!


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