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A109s, AMH and red wine for me!

Oh good, subsidised drinking - I like that idea Half-way decent Italian red (it has to be doesn't it!); Vino Nobile or perhaps a good Montepulciano flowing through my veins whilst TRC and I reminisce. You will be well placed, Savoia, to procure same - does one automatically gain 'sconto' when buying by the case?

I was taught such delights by the Tech Rep, Conforti (Agusta expense account ) and, for TRC, no, his father-in-law is still with us at the age of 92 and Giancarlo STILL hasn't inherited the vineyard and winery down in Tuscany!! Very frustrating - for all.

Helihub LOTS of sand and everywhere, but on the contrary the sand filters that were purchased were never used in anger. They added weight and minor restriction to airflow and then bleed air to exhaust the debris so were a power loss limitation too far. We never asked what TOTs were achieved - just changed the hot sections on a regular basis (those very shiny and irregularly shaped compressor blades!!)

Better zip up or the Mods will remove these musings ~ VFR
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