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Helihub that is most helpful - thanks.

I wouldn't mind getting the inside track on the musings which went on with the AAC post-Falklands as it would make a great intro to the sale of units 44 & 45.

From what I understand it went something like this:

Maj Smith: Brigadier Bottomsley, I just wanted to say that me and the lads have been thrashing about in these Agustas for the past couple of days and, well, not to put too fine a point on it but .. they ain't half bad!

BB: What! Are you sure Smith? These contraptions are used by the Argies you know, some sort of relative of their home grown Pucara or something.

Maj Smith: Well, actually sir, they are made in Italy.

BB: Good grief, that's almost as bad isn't it?

MS: Thing is sir, these Agustas are actually doing a good job and the boys in Hereford are telling us they'd like to run some special ops training exercises with them.

BB: Good Lord Smith watch what you are saying there. Why on earth would the SAS want to have a go in these Pucara contraptions?

MS: Sir, the Agustas are actually a bit quicker than the Scout and could be useful in making expeditious insertions and in facilitating rapid responses.

BB: Oh very well Smith. But look here don't muck about with these captured units. Order up a couple from the manufacturer and let's see how these things fly when they're new and properly maintained. I'm not sure however how the MoD are going to like us putting in a request to procure equipment out of Buenos Aires!

MS: Sir, the helicopters are manufactured in Frosinone just outside Rome, in Italy and they have a rep in Surrey, Alan Mann Helicopters.

BB: Manfred Mann! What are you talking about Smith? Now get on with it and let me know when you've finished testing these Pucaras.

MS: Yes sir.

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