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Alan Mann Helicopters (Nostalgia thread)

One of the discoveries we have made in developing the Ferranti tribute site (and I shall be the first to admit that this is a discovery which is startlingly obvious) is that the longer one leaves such endeavours - the harder it gets.

While I have someone collating material and liaising with the web designers it isn't going to be too much of a stretch for me to incorporate some additional information to be hosted on this site and, in this regard, I would like to obtain as much information as possible (documents, photos and stories) relating to Alan Mann Helicopters.

Regarding AMH I have noticed from my enquiries so far that there is, among some, a lack of imperative towards preserving this information and I have wondered whether this is felt because AMH are still running?

The trouble is there is precious little by way of open source material (as indeed was the case with Ferranti) and those with all the memories of AMH's golden years are becoming increasingly difficult to track down. Some of course have already departed.

There is a story to tell involving old man Mann's departure into aviation, Mann's award of the Agusta distributorship and their dealings with numerous clients. It is an interesting often colourful story and one which I am sure some shall enjoy reading.

Anyone with information relating to Alan Mann between 1960-1980 please PM me. I would be most grateful.

Someone such as the 'Savage' would have been an extremely useful source of information.

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