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TU liabilities ..

MrBernoulli on the other thread has posted some very definitive outlines to the controlling TU legislation, which are well worth reading.

One area that does need unravelling is what were BASSA before they joined Unite, (presumably an independant trade union), and on what terms did they join, because even as only a branch of Unite, they still behave in the manner of an independant and Unite appear to treat them as such.

a. BASSA can call strike dates.
b. BASSA can refuse offers from BA, even if Unite say accept.
c. BASSA can add items to a dispute list.
d. Only BASSA can call off a strike.
e. BASSA is needed to agree to finish a dispute.
f. BASSA can change/amend their regulations without Unite approval.

So does anyone reading on here know the BASSA history? - or is it
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