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You no longer need actual strikes to pressure the company - ballots can have the same effect, since they carry the threat of strikes. It would now appear that a simple, well-placed cross on the ballot paper removes some of the need to actually lose money and stand on picket lines...every time a ballot is announced it has the same effect as going on strike. The continued uncertainty keeps passengers away in their droves
So, that's now official then. And having weathered the real strikes BA is going to cave in to hollow threats of strikes why exactly?

Now, as a bit of a traditionalist I still subscribe to the theory that when bluffing, it's best not to let on. I guess he hasn't read 'Poker for Dummies'.

I also like the bit where he said it was now about "sending a message". That's an interesting new development isn't it? Not.

Will they injunct us again on our next one?
...instead of all this being settled long ago, their unimaginative and belligerent approach means our dispute is now entering its second summer. The ongoing uncertainty will now sadly continue..Oh, and by the way, this time it will have even more items on it. We will of course need to cover yet more breaches of our agreements that have taken place; they may have thought they had gotten away with those, but they havenít.
So that's official too then: the next ballot will be a continuation of the original dispute. On behalf of BA barristers everywhere I'd like to extend a heartfelt thanks to DH for his continuing clarification of this matter
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