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This is , of course , basic salary only , so with flight pay , sector pay etc it's gonna be in excess of 70k. That being said, i was earning more than 45k basic as a lowly turboprop skipper.
A pal of mine has just accepted this deal - enjoy the Canaries! Apparently the total Ryr fleet will be capped at 299 a/c for the foreseeable future , and they've got about 265 of these a/c already . So once the fleet and pilot establishment is at 299 by the end of this year (??) , you are only looking at natural attrition (probably loads!) for Ryr recruitment/commands , so he felt that if he was going to do this (he'd been putting it off for over a year!) then now was the time.
This info is second hand , but deffo food for thought.
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