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As a huge majority of staff will be still employed after this dispute is finished, then if it was me in a managerial role, I would be looking at ways for building the bridges again. I would sit in the CRC with a sign above my head saying "whatever you say to me, will not be used against you in any way, no matter how bad" and engage.

BA has made change, it is here but what needs to be addressed is this fear of a 40% pay reduction and unemployment due to MF in a few years time.

I would offer any and all explanations to those who wanted to know. Actually, I wouldn't get a manager to do it, I would pull in a team of ACAS mediators, who would be fully briefed by Unite and the management on all the details, but just have them in a room to listen to all the concerns. Build up the data and then answer it.

It should be easy, if there is no other agenda.

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