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Highland Kilt: No, both statements are correct, the devil is in the detail. I, like many others, have simply had to be patient. 2009 was awful for many of us. So we've not gone through the system as yet, instead we're doing so...

Dangerman: Chin up, old chap. Things are looking much improved now and even WWW (WeeWeasleyWelshman - look him up within PPRuNe if you don't know) has said as much... and I personally wouldn't bet against his statements/predictions. Against the odds, CTC have still placed a large amount of pilots in the past two years and if current demand/growth continues you're in with a good company whose reputation counts for a huge amount.

Plinky: I first began my selection process with CTC in Feb 2008... so yes, it's been a while. In between now and then, I've occupied myself elsewhere, bided my time, kept my hand in and even become a father... so life goes on. I respectfully declined an offer some time ago (personal reasons) and intend to take them up on the next one sometime soon.

Overall, CTC remain a committed, progressive and undoubtably prestigious organisation with established airline partnerships. If you show loyalty to them, meet their requirements and the market conditions are supportive to us all, things work out. That's not a PR slogan but the truth, I feel.
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