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What's your point? Last time I checked Oxford didnt have an elevation of five thousand feet. 1220m todr for easa at 23000kgs. Scatsta is 100m shorter than Oxford no problems there and that has lots of slope and other obstacle considerations. Sb20 has plenty of excess performance, and range. Im not sure what your problem is pp..
2.40 mins of fuel plus reserves and alternate is just under 3 tons of fuel. So still zero fuel weight limited, on a standard dry day, with a 5 kt headwind.
Any passenger restrictions imposed are to give a guaranteed saleable operations taking to account worst case scenarios wet low qnh hot days with still wind, and to allow for extra fuel in the case of multiple alternates required. Eastern are experienced charter operators and regularly operate to dubrovnic from Norwich on another charter non stop which is further and does have payload and fuel considerations, they are like to be taking a similar view with this charter. It's perfectly sensible to be conservative.
Either way lets return back to the subject whether people like it or not, the charter is advertised on the oxford airport website. Let's see what happens I'm sure itll be successful.
I'll get the first round of g and ts jtk.

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