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I see that the junta have nominated one of their "helpers" to be a new troll over on the CC only thread. As their knowledge of BA CC is limited, they would seem to be one of the SWP members that have hijacked this dispute for their own strange ends, (or rather, the strange ends of the multi-millionaires that control SWP).

Anyway, rather than answering where bassa have spent their net income of nearly 1 million pounds per annum over the last 5 years, they appear to be fixated about who paid 150 for the pccc's registration as a TU. 5 million versus 150!!!

As a matter of fact, I did not pay that 150. I was not asked to. Had I been asked to, as I'm unemployed, finding a spare 150 would not have been easy, but I would certainly have tried!

Now for the 4,000 for full certification.

I believe that the T & G/Unite do and have done a great job in many circumstances, but that their spoilt teenager in bassa is making a mess of the T & G's reputation.
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