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Originally Posted by Landroger View Post

1. To date - in something like two years - no BASSA supporter has posted a clear, well argued, fact based explanation of their case?

2. It is difficult for anybody, let alone we SLF, to see where BASSA can or will go next?

1. I think there has been some debate on this. The biggest fact is that BA is still here and does that fact change the fight for survival to an opportunity to remove staff cost? Now I know it is a balance and it is in no way as simple as that, but to me, it is for the employer to take the staff along the road and the first job is to convince rather than dismiss the reps. But as a rep, I would say that. Have the savings so far been more or less than the cost of lost business (200000) and contingency?

2. I know the rhetoric by some on PPRuNe likes to dismiss any action as ineffectual, but 6000 no's after two years is still a huge number and so is the cost of past and future disruption.

I wish more Bassa members posted, but I doubt that from my experience,the battering that you sometimes get, will make some of the less thick skinned think why bother.
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