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Lancman, thanks for the lead. Maybe I should have said "has anybody got any OTHER photographs of the Paratechnicon" as those pictures were posted by me. Yes the Paratechnicon was awful and it was the cause of the demise of TG499 with all crew in September 49.
As for the Jeep airdrop I have a copy of the AP containing the rigging scheme. OK it is really for the Halifax but the only real difference was the supporting beam which attached the load to the aircraft. I also have a copy of a drawing of the Hastings beam somewhere in my collection which I did consider offering to Duxford so that they could sling that Jeep under their Hastings.
With regards to whistling Jeeps I knew a REME tiffy who was quite proud of the three he destroyed in one day, the last of which went in right in front of the queen, thus proving one of the laws of air-drop. 'The higher the rank of the visiting observer the greater the chance that things will go wrong.'
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