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Lancman and brakedwell. Thanks for the explanation and clarification of the 70,000 lb glider incident. Wonder what a present day pilot flying a fully computerised airliner would make of that array of knobs and tits! Not surprised the odd cock-up occurred. Anyway, it woke us all up, and no harm done!

wileydog3 - the Hastings lasted much longer than the Beverley, which retired from service in 1968 IIRC. I did once see one airborne from a train window a year or two later, but assumed that was the one kept by Boscombe for some reason

Super pics, Brakedwell. Used to like watching Turkey coming up meet us as we flew over with chicks in company. That was up around FL 290/310 though, and the tops still looked pretty close. There are bits of Turkey you wouldn't want to attempt at 10,000', though

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