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I can only imagine that the GOTCHAS in using vertical speed in a climb is that if you select a vertical speed beyond the energy capabilities/ceiling capabilities/ that you might stall.

I seem to recall a Mexicana DC10 that stalled due to inattention in this mode...is that what you meant?

of course selecting mach hold/IAS hold can result in a climb that is protected against a stall, but the nose can ''hunt'' if there are airspeed vagueries.
This makes absolutely no sense in the case we are discussing. We were talking about "dangers" involved in utilising V/S mode to attain a 1000ft. step-climb in busy TMA's or during lower level climb-out.

I can only speak for the 737, but I fail to see how you would be able to put the aircraft into approach to stall while performing a 1000FPM step-climb with all automatics engaged without any malicious intend in the situations mentioned above.
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