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You won't be able to.
This isnt really a major problem. as long as i can get the licences i need im willing to do whatever it takes.

It sounds to me as though you want to pick and chose what you want - and hence you would be better off with the M1 visa and do it under Part 61.
I never said or implied that i wanted to pick and chose so im not sure where you picked that up. the fact that i already have a PPL is not a problem in terms of applying for the F-1 so it really is a non issue.as i already said... i want to do all licences apart from the PPL.

The M1 visa would not suit my needs as it does not entitle a student to work as an instructor once the visa has expired so it is a no-go option.
I fully willing to pay for all my training but i would also like to have the opportunity to work as a CFI once i finish with any training provider.
I idea of forking out the big bucks for the training and not being able to get a job from my qualification doesnt sound like a good idea to me.
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