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John Purdey,

I believe, (in my opinion), that your biggest problem is you mistake Rank for Experience.
In military aircrew at Officer Level, the vast pool of knowledge is located at the Flight Lieutenant / Squadron Leader level. Even most Squadron Commanders accept that technical flying issues are best referred to the specialists such as QFI or Nav Ldr .

By the time you reach Air Rank you never see raw data.
As an Air Officer the expert information of the QFI and Nav Ldrs are filtered through Flt Cdrs, Sqn Cdrs, Stn Cdrs, and at least one pyramid of HQ Staffs.
You rarely see the initial report.

This thread is filled with countless Junior, (plus a few Senior) officers who tell you, you are probably wrong. They include Test Pilots, QFI's, Nav Ldrs, JEngO's etc, many with SH and Chinook experience. I doubt you can find a single experienced Chinook aircrew that supports your conclusions.
Yet you continue to claim that the case is proved to ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER.

In the past you were very offended when I called you arrogant. Please look up the Oxford dictionary and tell me why the definition does not apply to you?
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