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Out of interest. Which 'gotcha's' could occur using V/S in a 1000 feet step climb?

From your post I conclude both A/T and A/P were being used as you state LVL CHG would have the aircraft push it to full thrust.

So with both those engaged I fail to see what could happen in a 1000 fpm step climb. Unless you somehow start to retract your flaps in that climb without accelerating to up speed first.

Unrelated question for the Airbus drivers. When you fly your aircraft manually is there a difference in responsiveness in relation to speed?
On the 737 when you descent at 330 KIAS while flying manual the slightest movement on the yoke has the aircraft reacting to it immediately. As you slow down to UP speed the reaction of the aircraft to your inputs becomes more sluggish.

Is this simulated in the Airbus joystick? Or does the joystick feel the same at VMO and VCLEAN ?

Control feel is personally my first indicator something is wrong. If I would feel the aircraft becoming heavy in the nose but my trim is near 5 and my ASI indicates 320KIAS, then I know something is up.
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