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A couple of points if I may:
I ask again - did this Mark 2 have the ability to fly itself into a nearby lump of rock without the pilots having any input whatsoever?
I cannot speak for the Mk2, however I know the Mk1 most certainly had that ability. That is why it's release to service said the a/c was unsuitable for extended low level operations! This in a tactical SH helicopter!!!

But we got on and flew it anyway. Because everyone else did.

Even after a very largely unexplained, fatal accident in the Falklands, when a Chinook gently departed from level flight from 500', impacting the ground in a HIGH SPEED vertical dive.

The only transmission was the centre portion of the words **cking He**. Of course the recommendation to retrofit CVR after this accident, was ignored. Seven years later Flt Lts Tapper and Cook were required to pay the price for that decision too!

The vast majority of pilots that I have discussed this with agree with this argument
Are you, or any of your 'vast majority of pilots', familiar with the term 'double DASH runaway'? Or it's powerful effect?

I absolutely accept that pilots unfamiliar with this a/c type, or this case, are perfectly happy to play fast and loose with the facts. I'm not concerned by their views one little bit!
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