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Yes - I am deliberately putting across a middle view. The vast majority of pilots that I have discussed this with agree with this argument - and it is only that.
So please spell out your "middle view" bast0n, because I just don't get it. The vast majority of pilots, I suspect, are prepared to agree that the pilots may have been in error, even perhaps that they may have been negligent, but they don't know that and merely accept the possibility. You on the other hand do appear to know and to accept the scenario that their airships paint, baulking only at finding the pilots negligent, let alone grossly so. The words cake and eating come to mind. Most pilots I submit would readily opt for negligent if their airships version was known to be what happened. Point is we don't know, but we do know a lot about their airships now and it doesn't make pleasant reading. Nonetheless we have to read it and determine our view.
My view is that the MOD and the Services should no longer be the Airworthiness Regulator and Air Accident Investigators respectively. They have shown themselves not to be trusted in those roles. The MAA should therefore be made separate from and independent of the MOD, and the MAAIB in turn of the MAA. That is my view bast0n. What is your view? Could you please spell it out for me, because at the moment I just don't get it.
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