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As for the discussion of what relative effect on speed retardation is provided by either "Inlet Drag" or "Thrust Reversal" I wonder why it is that aircraft/engine manufacturers go to the trouble and cost to design a "Thrust Reverser" system which enables acceleration of the engine to relatively high gas/fan discharge settings if it need not be done, i.e. simply removing thrust and allowing "Inlet Drag" to provide the retardation force. The adjustments to Landing Distance required with Reverse Thrust inoperative leads me to believe that "Thrust Reversal" is a significant contributor to the overall speed retardation achieved. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.
It's not needed, but nice to have. Pilots miss it if it's taken away. It's like being on drugs, You don't need it, but once its taken away you miss it. I suspect it also gets you to the gate faster

It's also is a big moneymaker in sales and spare parts so of course it will be offered. However it costs more in operational expenses than changing out brakes more often.

Ask any pilot and they want it and aint nobody gonna take it away.

For me, and the safety side of it, I would rather use a safety net for the few times you really wish you had that extra margin after screwing up a landing. But, yes I too will go with the flow on this one and let the data roll in.
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