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Capn Bloggs:
I disagree. This is all about crews being unfamiliar enough with handflying that they get themselves into bother when they have to so they leave hte AP in for too long.
Then I'm afraid you haven't read the concerned AD. It says:

AD No.: 2010-0271:
When there are significant differences between all airspeed sources, the
flight controls of an Airbus A330 or A340 aeroplane will revert to alternate
law, the autopilot (AP) and the auto-thrust (A/THR) automatically disconnect,
and the Flight Directors (FD) bars are automatically removed.
It is - in this case - not about leaving the AP in for too long, but for re-engaging it again before proper trouble shooting has been done. This is a clear issue of proper failure handling and good CRM and not about over-reliance on automatics.

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