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lk978, I think that you need to step outside your little world and consider the big picture here.

PH is constrained at almost every turn. You have the RAAF claiming great swathes or airspace to the north and south of the airport. You have YPJT and YPEA to within 15nm to the south and north respectively.

Unlike our eastern cousins, there is no radar everywhere you want to go. Everyone either enters or leaves procedural airspace. This requires increased spacing and associated restrictions.

The majority of flights are to or from the east with the other great chunk going to the north or north west. All of these things create problems - ever tried backing out of the drive when the wife is trying to drive in??!!

Then the aerodrome is run by an organisation that is more interested in car parking and felling trees to build supermarket superwarehouses than invest in any aviation related infrastructure that we need.

If you bothered to visit an ATC unit and observe what controllers do and understand why, you may realise that you comments are unfounded and show your lack of understanding of the "system".

None of what you complained about is done for fun or controller entertainment. All of it increases workload - and there is already a significant amount of that.

So please contact a controller and arrange an educational tour so that you can appreciate the professionalism, dedication and hard work that goes into making sure you don't bump into the other tube of human flesh also moaning that he isn't number one.

Its a team game - your either with us or against us.
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