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I'm on a M1 Visa

Thanks for the exhaustive answer.
Ok, I'm here on a M1 Visa.
I will not pursue the transfer to the above mentioned school as I think it's just too much risk and too much trouble.

But I will transfer to another part 141 approved school.
I talked to this new school today and apparently it's a routine task to get people transferred between schools (and apparently quite a few students at the school I am currently training had at do this!). They gave me an I-539 form to complete, and said that the 'old' school is legally REQUIRED to allow me to transfer and hand in all the documentation they have (unless they can prove I am not meeting the required standard but I don't see how they could simply make that up?).

I still have $500 in the account with the 'old' school so I will wait for the money to run out (2 flight lessons more or less) before mentioning the transfer, as I give for granted that they wouldn't reimburse me a cent..

Then I will tell them 'thanks for nothing', hand them the papers and wait for the paperwork to follow its course. I am not too much in a rush so even if I don't get to fly for a week is not going to be a drama.

They said the process will cost me $130 for TSA and $300 for SEVIS. Happiness comes at a cost.

The new school said that I could even enjoy the flexibility of training under part 61 if I wished to? And that most internationals at their school actually do that, as it allows you, for instance, to do at least touch and gos on a cloudy day while under part 141 if you can't do what the syllabus says you can't fly at all.
As in, the school is required to be approved for part 141 to issue I-20 forms and train international students but you as a student can decide to go for the part 61 route once in the US. But maybe I got this part wrong.

If I got something wrong, please correct me.
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