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I'm sorry for re-opening this thread

but I found a lot if useful info here so I am asking here because it seems you guys know what you're talking about.

can anyone comment on this?

"Currently Learn To Fly San Diego is a flight school operating under Part 61 of the FAA code of federal regulations.
We can train nonimmigrant international students who are already in the USA with a valid visa.
Our instructors are registered with the TSA as providers for training of international students.
If you are already in the USA with a valid visa we can assist you in changing providers to one of our instructors.
The TSA charges a $130 fee for this process. "

I am already in the US with a valid VISA and was contemplating transferring from my current school (they're total jerks). I have talked to these guys and they seem like nice people, but I cannot find any validating info on their claim that they can actually train internationals even though they are not a part 141 school.

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