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Turbine D re:
US PatOff 6516618

In the Patent description there is reference to a single scavenge line, where I believe the 972 has a "Gallery". Language describes an interesting mechanism for "Fail-Safe" re: Fire, since the Oil Pressure increases rapidly when Gas Path contents enter the scavenge line. This increase is referenced as "Constantly Monitored", thus allowing a manual cage of the engine, predating I would say even FADEC? I don't notice the offset in the drawing, is it the image on Page One?

The 972 failed pipe is I think a supply line, and the damage to the "Tip" (Which End?) might be either aspirator (Mister), or "external" coupling? It is not clear from released data, either written or pictorial.

Sorry, almost missed the "point"; if "Offset" I would not rule out a designed for "Eccentric" that augmented aspiration of the lubricating Oil. (Misting).

I still maintain that if a mfg. defect, there is patent "Wear", suggesting ongoing leakage, ("Top your Oil, Captain?") a result of missed or deferred Maintenance.