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walter kennedy
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There is no substitute for direct experience with the CPLS of the time.
It would be of general interest to all, I would have thought.
But no one at all has come forward on this forum to describe their experience of its performance.
What are people afraid of in a land of free speech? - a Wallyleaks fiasco? No one is going to sell you to the Americans for describing this system - the manufacturers have claimed performance for years that does not seem to have been questioned by US forces who have used it for years and have had thousands and thousands of these sets.
I don't think any of you here would talk about a magnetic compass if you thought you weren't supposed to.

Got anything constructive other than smart quips, JP? Surely you could dig around and give Dalek what he wants? Some of us are trying to get to the bottom of this and in doing so we have at the very least exposed how pathetic and baseless the findings against the pilots were - something the likes of you could have contributed to years ago if you had the mind to.
Just keep running around in circles on the innocuous approved areas, eh?
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