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I must respond. This SAFO bulletin referenced an OIL SPEC change, and related to subsequent coking on TRENT 700.

The tube in question was an oil vent tube, a design certified to withstand ignition by backflow into the scavenge system.

TRENT 900 Issues: Poor quality control of critical oil tubes manufacture. The fix is agreed to, no new issues have arisen, and I am ready to board Qantas out of SFO.

Poor Form: A very real lack of information targeted to passengers who actually care about the equipment they travel in.

The Bad joint turns out to be a connection after all, involving missed maintenance as well as quality issues.

A poor ATD (attention to detail) in performing mandated inspections following issuance of AD. "Oil Leak? What Oil Leak?"

Another missed opportunity to Sell Safety to the traveling public, instead of offering puerile excuses and "explanations" from twits who think kerosine is to light the Barbie.

bear happy landings