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easyjet /sbh rates

Hi guys/gals

Does anyone know what the hourly Flexi-crew rate is for F/Os at easyJet? I understand it starts at about 50/sbh (after the 8 months at 1,200 net per month) and rises at increments determined by flight hours with easy. Anyone have a breakdown of this? I've searched on here but to no avail....

I'm trying to build a simple spreadsheet to see how poor I will be after loan repayments in the first couple of years if I go down this route... will be budgeting it on flying 700 hours per year. Are there any other forms of income from easy/CTC e.g. pay for standby days, LOL, or does one just go into flexi-easy-CTC with a large pot of vaseline?

Cheers, kofk
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