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Recognize "Terms of the Trade"....hmmmm

I am unaware of restrictions relating to terminology, and I don't recognize you as a Mod. Are you one? I doubt it.

"Must respond to imaginings". Your responses to these seem dismissive, You are not opposed to imagination, are you?

You have couched yourself as a "Professional". May be a Continental thing, but in my experience, Professionals do not belittle others, since that is the surest sign of a non-professional.

The idea here is to "......have a little fun...". I would hope that does not mean "at the expense of others."

"Real Professionals". Here I find your comment woefully off target. How in Heaven's name can an anonymous forum have any deleterious affect on the "Work" of the "true" Professional?

"Leave the Professionals to it". Really? May I suggest that they are doing fine, with or without "Tech Log".

I come here to share, to have fun, and practice my writing. Most of all, I am here to learn. Without Imagination, I dare say, there would not be flight. Isn't flight the reason we are here?

respectfully, bearfoil