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I doubt it would be anywhere in Africa. Despite the huge numbers of Chinese now in Africa in places such as Congo, Angola, Zambia etc, the SuperStars at CX would still rather simply add another LA or SFO rotation because that is about the limit of their powers of imagination and innovation. Why take a chance trying something new when you can sit in your office churning out the same old "safe bet" and maintain the simple life. I'm sure all the "Big Guns" in the World, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim etc all follow the same approach.....NOT.
Cathay makes money in spite of itself, so why bother tapping into the HUGE African market? We will leave that to those less capable airlines than CX, BA, LH, AF etc.....
Kenya Airways has 6 flights a week from Zambia to Hong Kong, and Ethiopian a similar number. Both are convoluted routes via Nairobi and Addis Ababa and Bangkok.....CX could pick up all that work with direct flights, but that would be showing a forward thinking and innovative mindset that CX, for all it's bluster, simply doesn't have. CX is just too cowardly to venture into Africa.
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