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Anticipating Bankruptcy and dissolution, Pan American was soft pedalling maintenance. UAL took possession of some very clapped out airframes. There was a memo after 232 pranged that claimed Pan Am had actually id'ed the fracture, but sent the engine back into service prior to UAL's next check. The memo disappeared.

This is a Rumours site, after all.

Has anybody else wondered why the end of the Stub pipe has such intricate architecture? It resembles the female end of a line coupling. The bell coving at the tip suggests to me a male end misjoined. Is this a Line couple or a suck tube. If the latter, why the ring/land, and shoulder wear, not to mention the coving wear at the entrance to the tube?

From the image it looks one heckuva lot more like in-service wear from incorrect connection, than a degraded inlet aperture of a simple line/scavenge.


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