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Can anyone here tell me how Kununurra turned out in 2010 for all the guys sitting there? Rumours towards the start of the year were that there was 30 guys there... and close to 90 in Broome.

I am wondering how it all went? Did most end up getting some hours or a job? Or are there still guys sitting there waiting for something who will be there in 2011?

Also I've heard that Alligator have raised their minimums to 400 or 450hrs TT after that engine failure incident they had. Can anyone confirm/deny and how this affects all the 200-300hr guys up there?

KNX seems to be the big town everybody talks about for low hour guys but I am wondering what else is worth checking out and bunking down in? Obviously when driving up you'd stop at all the airports on the way but from what I understand the camping happens in KNX. I have been told Darwin is a tough one and more for guys with a lot more hours?

Also what is Broome like? Can anyone confirm/deny the "90 pilots" sitting up there in 2010 and what happened with that? Also is the expectation in Broome to live in a hostel for 6+ months just like KNX or do guys eventually find themselves something a bit more suitable?

Any info would be appreciated. Feel free to PM me.
I am looking at heading up again in the earlier part of 2011 again after 2010 being a bit of a fail for me

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