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It really is quite simple.

1. The Forecast weather required flight in accordance with IFR in the vicinity of the Mull of Kintyre. To put it another way - it precluded flight in accordance with VFR in the vicinity of the Mull of Kintyre.

2. The Actual weather as reported by 2 Qualified Met Observers and 8 other eyewitnesses at the time of the crash required flight in accordance with IFR in the vicinity of the Mull of Kintyre. IT PRECLUDED FLIGHT IN ACCORDANCE WITH VFR.

3. You were not there - and I freely admit that I was not there.

4. None of the other numerous contributors to this thread were there.

The difference is that I believe the evidence sworn on oath by those who were actually present on the Mull and witnessed the events that tragic evening.

The RN SAR Helicopters from Prestwick estimated the visibility as 10-15 feet as they attempted to hover taxi to to the crash site. They gave up and relocated to the HLS.

The Police, Fire and Medical Services gave evidence as to the weather as they attempted in vain to give succour to the victims.

Apart from the Emergency Services evidence there were those 10 eyewitnesses in the vicinity of the crash that evening - yet you are adamant that all these people are wrong; and the you (who was not there) can categorically state that you are right.

Your loyalty to your friends does you credit - your attempts to apportion blame to others when the Captain of the Aeroplane has ultimate responsibility for the actual conduct of the Flight does not. I always had one view on the the responsibility of the Captain THE BUCK STOPS HERE
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