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walter kennedy
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You don't have to rely on niceties, decent analysis cuts down so many points of their arguments – for one example, remember the “inappropriate rate of climb” bit?:
I fine it strange that not one of you aviators shot that down in flames very simply;
ever watched hang-gliders?;
taking even the most conservative value for the wind on the slopes, the upward vertical component of that wind accounts easily for the height gain between the last altitude update and the point of impact;
there was no rate of climb appropriate for a cruise climb – there was no rate of climb at all;
this ties in with the engines at a matched intermediate power and the calculated reduction in airspeed over the last leg;
they were coasting in and yet were utterly surprised by their proximity to the ground.
Just one point.
The whole truth is attainable – but needs an attitude change to get there.
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