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Hi guys,
Ive read through most of this thread and found allot of useful information.

I'm heading to Tamworth for the course commencing on the 27th of November and was wondering if anyone who has been there recently could send me some information on what to expect. Also, is anyone else on here going to be on the same course?

I'm really excited about heading up to Tamworth, but I'm unsure how much I am expected to know about the other two services (first preference RAAF). Do I need to know everything about all services or all about the RAAF and have a little knowledge of the other two services? Obviously I'll know the training for all three services, but I'm more wondering whether I need to be able to identify all the Navy ships and name the bases, or just know the ships and bases that have Helicopters etc.

Finally I'd like to say a big thank you to all the contributers to this thread who have made it such a wonderful source of information and made my dream of becoming a pilot in the military that much more achievable.

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