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There are a few schools of thought represented here. Some stick to the RO's assertion they know beyond all doubt what happened. You want to introduce a theory the BoI and RO's didn't consider in any detail.

Some of us simply want MoD to recognise the burden of proof lies with them; and they have not met it.

You talk of Sqn Ldr Burke and "my" airworthiness issue. To the best of my knowledge, the Sqn Ldr was and remains an advocate of applying the mandated regulations; as am I.

On the other hand, MoD do not advocate this and have been prepared, many times, to place this in writing. In the context of Chinook, they have been bold enough to back their policy by supplying papers demonstraing beyond any doubt whatsoever that the Mk2 did not meet the Secretary of State's criteria when it was released to service. I don't need to know why ACAS made this decision, although it would be good to know; mainly because it may be that he was acting under orders. But, demonstrably, the decision to ignore the regulations was made and that single act introduces, in my mind, reasonable doubt. That is my sole aim here.

Of course, there is overlap between our schools of thought. For your theory to be true would require use of CPLS or similar. If you insist this was used, then by definition you are supporting the thrust of my argument. CPLS is not mentioned in the list of Navigation or Communications equipment cleared for use in the Mk2 (a simple fact, as the list is a complete blank), there is no Service Deviation to use it in June 1994 and there is no record of Boscombe having tested or trialled it before then to establish installed performance and, hence, derive limitations.

Unsurprising really, as Boscombe weren't due to commence trialling the base build standard until April 1994, a process delayed by (a) MoD's failure to implement various policies, leaving Boscombe high and dry, and (b) Boscombe's decision to cease flying (twice). There is, however, strong evidence to suggest CPLS was fitted to ZD576 at Odiham before she deployed to NI.

There, in a few sentences I've listed so many breaches of the airworthiness regulations it makes Nimrod seem competent by comparison - all derived from your theory. We are not so far apart.
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