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What you're actually saying is Sqn Ldr Burke may have missed an opportunity to get a point across. For that, you launch into him. Just remember that these committees give witnesses the chance to clarify points after the event, because witnesses (e.g. Sqn Ldr Burke) do not necessarily hear what the other side (MoD) say at the time. I'm not sure if you have read that supplementary evidence. The Committees were left in no doubt that Reid et al had lied through their back teeth.

I'd prefer people to remember there would have been no need for him to give evidence in the first place had MoD simply told the truth. Had they taken the slightest heed of the regulations governing aviation safety, the aircraft would not have been flying. Not unlike the Nimrod tragedy. In fact, it is even more clear cut than Nimrod, which actually had a Service Release, but based on a flawed Safety Case.

Let us hope Lord Philip, like Mr Haddon-Cave, sees through their deceit.
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