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When the Pilots selected the way point change they should have been in no doubt as to their duty to have slowed down, turned away from the Mull and climbed to Safety Altitude as quickly as possible.

They took none of these actions and the subsequent tragedy resulted solely from their inaction.

Caz, how do you know they didn't try?

Could you please comment of SFI (RAF) Chinook 12 (Undemanded Flight Control Movements) which is a perfect description of what Sqn Ldr Burke experienced, warned of and was prevented from giving evidence about. MoD initially denied Sqn Ldr Burke had done any such thing until the written proof was found, but (conveniently) after the event. Nor is it clear if the BoI (or any inquiry) considered the SFI. One would imagine they would mention something so vital; but then again, they didn't mention the fact the aircraft had no proper clearance for flight in the first place.

To assist you;

There have been a number of incidents of yaw kicks on Chinook HC Mk2 ZA718 during recent flight trials at Boscombe Down. The characteristic is manifested by very sharp uncommanded inputs to the yaw axis which result in a rapid 3-4 degree change in aircraft heading, in both the hover and when in forward flight when the aircraft is subject to high levels of vibration.

Sqn Ldr Burke's evidence was that this particular UFCM manifested itself at the end of a straight leg, when attempting a turn. In fact, remarkably like the ZD576 scenario. To a non-pilot, that sounds quite alarming, but MoD's failure to mention it may mean I'm wrong and it is entirely normal.
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