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I've read all the posts above,thank you very much... Finding the TSA / VISA clearance thing a big money joke... oops now I might get flagged... The only reason why I would like to get the FAA licenses is because there are a lot of "N" registered aircraft's in Europe.... Just because the maintenance is a little less expensive than when it's registered in a EU country... I still wonder why there needs to be a difference between the rules is the aviation rules in the CAA, FAA or JAA.... certainly not for flight safety. Money???
Yes I'm still looking for a job and I really don't want to pay for a TR. By job I mean get payed a fair amount of money to perform the piloting task. Not like what I'm doing now a lot of unpaid standbys and resulting in not many flight hours..... So If there are jobs that I didn't come across I'm always grateful to receive PM's..
I just had an offer from a flight school "special deal"...right?... a FAA CPL is 3 days only $4500,00, I really find this an absurd price, that's $1500 a day.... that's why I don't like the TSA/VISA system, It's just for the money.. If someone can prove me different, please do....
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