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DanCopter is more than welcome as fair competition is a healthy thing. However, I think they were called ConDoctor because in choosing Caverscam they may well have been conned (albeit willingly because everybody knows that they've been desperate to get into Nigeria even dating back to the days when Susanne Lastein was a director of DanCopter).

The problem is that they chose a partner with no business ethics or morals and have a dodgy provenance:

Lagos Helicopter Scam

Their partners have a history of sacking people as can be seen by the fact that their previous MD was given 72 hours to leave the country in the day they signed the Shell contract.

I wish DanCopter well and hope that they will force Caverscam to operate more openly and honestly. Certainly anyone wishing to work for either partner should only contemplate DanCopter as a contract with Caverscam is worth less than the paper it's written on.
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